This staircase is the perfect solution for those who love wood in their interiors. The staircase, when installed in a space, offers a solid design that will help to bring out the individual interior of each home.

Wood type

We send you different types of timber for steps, staircases and railings. From standard oak to luxurious walnut, all of which can be finished with clear oil or varnish.

Palette of colours

If you want to match the colour of the wood to the elements in your home interior, we offer you a choice of up to thirty colours from our standard catalogue. If you can’t find the right colour, we also offer you the option of customising the shade of the wood according to the sample you provide.
Staircases, handrails and steps can also be painted in your choice of RAL or NCS colours.

Ral spalvos

Shape of staircase

Staircases come in a variety of models and configurations: straight, with one or more curves. Stairs can also be fitted with landings or with turning steps.

Tiesūs laiptai

Straight stairs

U formos laiptai su posūkinėmis pakopomis

U-shaped staircase with turned treads

L formos laiptai su posūkinėmis pakopomis

L-shaped staircase with landing

U formos laiptai su aikštele

U-shaped staircase with landing

L formos laiptai su aikštele

L-shaped staircase with turned treads


Stairs can be equipped with handrails of different types and materials. From modern frameless glass to classic wooden handrails, adapt the staircase handrails to your interior.


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